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Pincup Coffee



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Origin: Honduras

Region: Corquin, San Pedro de Copan, Lempira

Farm: 121 smallholder farms: CAFESCOR stands for Cafes Especiales Corquin, a certified-organic Fairtrade association of 131 producers founded in 2014 in Lempira, Honduras. The producers here grow under shade trees. After picking, the coffee is fermented underwater for 15-18 hours, then washed once to remove the mucilage. Drying takes places in mechanical driers for 30-35 hours or on patios for 10-15 days. 

Variety: Caturra, IHCAFE 90, Parainema, Catuai, Catimor, Lempira, Obata

Altitude: 1200-1700 masl

Process: Washed

What we taste: Perfect medium body with notes of almond and cocoa, followed with a crisp candied fruit finish.

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