About Pincup Coffee

Speak friend and enter! Our names are Lindsey Holland and Emma Soechting, both owners and operators here at Pincup Coffee.

We both have full-time jobs in the field of healthcare. We both love coffee. We both love fitness. We are both big advocates of preventative healthcare and passionate about making it more accessible for everyone.  We asked ourselves “How do we combine all of these things?” And this is where the dream of Pincup Coffee was born.

Why did we choose the name Pincup?

Pincup Coffee is named after a tiny village within the Shire. We are hobbits at heart. Hobbits are all about warmth, coziness, safety, joy, friendship, laughter, and loyalty. This is what we want our coffee roasting business to encompass. Where people feel at home.

Our Vision

What is our vision?

Right now, just working on roasting and selling the yummiest coffee possible and eventually growing into the coziest coffee shop around at our location at CrossFit Nashville.

Future vision?

Working in healthcare, we have a passion for preventative health and believe a huge emphasis should be on fitness as a way to achieve overall physical and mental health. Combining our love of coffee and Crossfit, we hope to one day use Pincup to make quality fitness and a supportive community more accessible and affordable for all.

How do we plan on doing that?

Starting small, we plan on establishing a fund called Pincup Pours Back that can be used to cover memberships at CrossFit Nashville for anyone who would not be able to afford it. Giving people access to high quality fitness and a positive community is the first step in turning our vision into a reality.

Bigger dreams are to develop seminars about preventative healthcare for the whole self, with the emphasis on how much nutrition and exercise affect our physical and mental health.

We would also love for Pincup Pours Back to develop therapy groups people can become a part of, that combine CrossFit, therapy, and healthy relationships with food and nutrition to spread the knowledge and understanding of preventative healthcare to our surrounding communities. We want to give people the tools and access to these tools, to help them understand diagnoses like ADHD, anxiety, depression, diabetes, heart disease, etc. and how they have more control in their treatment than they realize. There are more options than just medicine and typical therapeutic approaches, and we want to give people the space and opportunity to have these options available to them.

Preventative healthcare is life changing and this is why we are so passionate about our vision. We have watched people walk into our community at CrossFit Nashville with a host of mental health issues and healthcare issues that affect their daily lives. They come out different people through the power of fitness,nutrition,and a supportive community surrounding them. Everyone deserves access to this - a higher quality of life should be for all.