About Pincup Coffee



Meet Pincup

Our names are Lindsey Holland and Emma Soechting, both owners and operators here at Pincup Coffee.

We both have full-time jobs in the field of healthcare. We both love coffee. We both love fitness. We are both big advocates of preventative healthcare and passionate about making it more accessible for everyone.  We asked ourselves “How do we combine all of these things?” And this is where the dream of Pincup Coffee was born.

Why did we choose the name Pincup?

Pincup Coffee is named after a tiny village within the Shire. We are hobbits at heart. Hobbits are all about warmth, coziness, safety, joy, friendship, laughter, and loyalty. This is what we want our coffee roasting business to encompass. Where people feel at home.

What is important to us?

High Quality Coffee

We only work with importers who work directly with the farmers at origin to ensure we get the highest quality of beans out there, while also making sure there is sustainable economic development for small-holder farmers with price premiums, traceability, and long-term partnerships being established.

Small Batch

 We roast small batch to keep our roasts consistent, fresh, and maintain quality control so that every cup of Pincup you make is a great one.

Striving for better 

At Pincup Coffee, we are always working to learn more, know more, and continue to educate ourselves in the vast world of coffee roasting. We will never stop striving to continuously get better.

What are our goals?

Right now, just working on roasting and selling the yummiest coffee possible at our location at CrossFit Nashville and getting more Pincup out into our community.

We eventually want to find ways to use Pincup as a platform to provide knowledge about preventative healthcare options and make those options more accessible.